Making space habitats
second homes

Humature is a cutting edge space architecture office that compliments space habitats with lightweight, deployable & reconfigurable elements to support wellbeing in space.

In the nascent era of the thriving private space sector, Humature strives to make spacecraft habitats human-centered with the ultimate goal of becoming multi-planetary species with joy & comfort

Existing issues In space Habitats.

Inefficient use of space

No multipurpose, adaptability & reconfiguration approach in the interior design while space exploration remains costly

Psychological & physiological factors

Not everyone can tolerate the isolation and loneliness encountered on long space flights, but a well-thought-out human-centered design can significantly relieve these issues

no developed solutions for pleasing living

Arising demand on the private space sector dictates its rules. The habitable area cannot be considered successful if it does not ensure the combination of optimal functioning while being cost-effective and favorable

how we work



Client provides a spacecraft shell equipped with engineering systems needed


design development

We complement the interior volume with esthetic pleasing deployable and multipurpose use habitation systems



We build the proposed systems closely with aerospace engineers and supervise all phases of design production

Efficient furniture for Mars.

More on the project coming soon

Our Team.

Robert Salazar

Deployable Structures Engineer

Origami artist and tensegrity, inflatable, and deployable structures contractor at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and private aerospace companies

Anastasia Prosina

Founder & CEO

Space architect, leaded multiple projects from a small Martian habitat to an orbital city. Holds a Bachelor in Urban Design and a Masters in Space Architecture

Daniil Iakovlev

Architect & Designer

Interior designer. Laureate of Russian and European architectural competitions. Holds Bachelor and Master in Architecture

our interns.

Samuel Binkin

Humanity has never been that close to the exploration of other planets, living on other celestial bodies rather than Earth, and exploring our solar system. The name Humature was born of the Human+Mature amalgamation. By that, we aspire to say that humanity as species has become mature to routinely live, work, and explore space

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